Sendai Apartment Hunting

February 2, 2012

After days of visiting realtors looking for a suitable apartment to rent, we finally found an available one. Apartments in Sendai are scarce because so many tsunami displaced people are looking for them. The one we have selected is a little bit older and closer to the city of Sendai, making it less attractive. For us, however, it seems to be just about right.

But in order to move into an apartment, a two step process must be followed. First the Japanese friend we selected to be our legal guarantor (a foreigner will not do) has to be approved by the guarantor company (lots of middle men in this rental process!). And then the owner will decide whether to rent to us. It is possible that because we are foreigners, our application for renting this apartment might be turned down. We hope to know one way or the other by about Feb 8-10. (dale little)