Japan Tsunami (3)

March 17, 2011

A remarkable prayer meeting

The major news networks have given extensive coverage of the earthquake, tsunamis, and nuclear power plant meltdowns in Japan. But there are many things happening in Japan that are unseen by the media. God is working behind the scenes in and through his church in Japan.

You see, Ann and I had the privilege of attending a prayer meeting in Tokyo early this morning--all from our rental cottage in Maine, USA. With the rotating blackouts in the Tokyo area, Musashino Chapel Center (English Department), decided to hold its weekly Thursday evening prayer meeting by skype. An invitation was sent to all MCC folks, so we joined in at our 6:30 AM. As we prayed together, and as I heard the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Tokyo, I was reminded of these words from Acts: And now, O Lord...give your servants great boldness...(Acts 4:29 NLT).

As you read below some of the prayers offered to God by the believers at MCC on Thursday evening, Mar 17 (their time), see if you too sense that God the Holy Spirit is giving his church boldness, even as he did in the early days of the New Testament church.

"There are many pleas from our home countries for us to go home. And there have been perhaps hasty or premature evacuation orders given. But Lord, give us strength to do the work you have for us to do!"

"Help the people back in our home countries to intercede faithfully for us and for Japan."

"Give us clear minds to do what we must do in order to bring aid to those who are suffering."

"Please protect the elderly and the children."

"Give wisdom to the press, both here in Japan and abroad, to accurately report the situation here on the ground."

"Thank you that the electrical power is on here right now enough for us to have this skype prayer meeting."

"Oh Lord, for years we have prayed for a way to reach Japan. Help us to see our opportunities now!"

"Please give us patience to deal with the long lines at grocery stores, gas stations, etc."

"May people in Japan cry out to you at this time. May they find you at this time. Please turn many hearts to you at this time."

"Help us to be faithful witnesses to the people around us. May we be your light in this darkness."

"Please use the media to broadcast helpful information rather than sensational news that spreads hysteria."

Then Pastor Plucar closed the prayer meeting with the following. We confess that...

  • ...you, oh God, are the mighty one who holds all things in your hands.
  • ...we have valued the wrong stuff in our lives. Thank you for turning us back to that which is most important.
  • ...you are good. We don't know why so many people have lost their lives. But you are good and you are great. And you save all those who call upon you.

Bless us so that we will be a blessing to those in greatest need.

japanquake.ca (dale little)