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Sendai Ministry Events (except for quilting)

“Hong Kong Night” (2)

July 6, 2012

Wakabayashi201207 01

A short term team from Tung Fook EFC in Hong Kong helped Larry/Bella Mori of Sendai Izumi EFC lead a "Hong Kong night" for children of tsunami displaced people living near a temporary housing center in Sendai city. We all enjoyed games, singing, and food--all with a Hong Kong touch. But the children seemed to like the food the most!

"Hong Kong Night”(1)

July 5, 2012

Tagajo201207 28

Along with a short term team from Tung Fook EFC in Hong Kong, we joined Larry/Bella Mori of Sendai Izumi EFC in a two hour program for tsunami displaced people at a temporary housing unit in Tagajo-shi, Miyagi-ken on July 3. We have never seen so many smiles and such laughter at a temporary housing unit! Our program was scheduled from 2-4 pm, but after the leaders of the housing unit realized how much the residents were enjoying the event, we were given permission to stay longer.

Some 20 ladies from this temporary housing unit will be joining Ann for a quilting circle in August. Before then we will be printing up a photo book of the event for the housing unit to have in their library.

Easter at Sendai Izumi EFC

April 15, 2012

IzumiEFC2012 04EasterSat4

Sendai Izumi Evangelical Free Church held a children's event on Saturday., Apr 7, and the Mori family led us in a small, family oriented worship service on Easter Sunday, Apr 8.

We are trying to link our tsunami recovery ministry in practical ways with the church planting already in full swing at Sendai Izumi church.

Temporary Housing Center

February 24, 2012

TempHousing20120222 2

We volunteered at a temporary housing center in Sendai during the evening of Feb 22, helping children with their homework. Most of the tsunami displaced children in Sendai live in apartments near temporary housing centers, rather than in the actual temporary housing centers.

We are trying to get to know the leaders of temporary housing centers in order to help define our own tsunami ministry focus. Furthermore, we hope we can develop redemptive relationships with the volunteers who are university students.

Sunday at Sendai Izumi EFC

January 29, 2012


We arrived in Sendai on Jan 27 and are searching for an apartment. We plan to link our tsunami recovery ministry with the church planting project of Larry and Bella Mori at Sendai Izumi Evangelical Free Church. It we will be our home church for fellowship, worship, and service over the next year. We hope that our apartment will be located within 20 minutes of the church (by car). (dale little)