Wakabayashi Quilting Class

January 25, 2013

Quilting class for two tsunami displaced ladies in Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai

Ann and Bella Mori (church planting at Sendai Izumi EFC) have enjoyed a monthly quilting class with Mrs. M and Mrs. S. Both of these ladies lost their homes, friends  and relatives in the tsunami that hit the Wakabayashi-ku section of Sendai City. Ann used two Bernina sewing machines, purchased with EFCC tsunami recovery ministry funds, to do machine quilting with these ladies. Mrs. M had done hand quilting before, but enjoyed machine quilting because of how quickly she could finish a project.


At the last class on January 23, 2013, Ann gave them a book on machine quilting and then presented each one with a machine. Giving away sewing machines to tsunami victims is a bit complicated because we only have four machines. However, it was natural to give machines to these two ladies who had been using them each time Ann met with them for quilting lessons. They were both delighted and surprised to receive these machines as a gift from the EFC of Canada Mission! We expect that both ladies will use the machines to learn and sew.

Bella Mori will continue to meet with these ladies now that Ann has moved back to Tokyo. Bella hopes to build on this relationship, always looking for opportunities to share the love and hope of Jesus.

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