Tagajo Quilting Class (3)

January 21, 2013

Quilting class at temporary housing unit in Tagajo City


Beginning in August 2012, Ann (with Bella Mori, church planting at Sendai Izumi EFC) taught 12-16 ladies a monthly hand quilting class in the meeting room at the Tagajo City temporary housing unit. She supplied them with tools and fabric at each session. The two hour class time limit restricted them to simple projects, but often once the ladies began the project and understood the directions, they were able to finish on their own time. Over the months, Ann taught them how to make a small potholder, a scissors case, a pin cushion, a Christmas decoration and a glasses case.

At the final class on January 9, 2013, Ann gave each of the ladies her favorite hand quilting book, with the hopes that they would continue on their own. Even though Ann moved back to Tokyo at the end of January, the monthly class has become so popular that they have asked someone else to come and continue teaching quilting. They also welcomed Ann to drop in and visit the class when she is in Sendai.

japanquake.ca (dale little)