Tagajo Quilting Class (2)

November 24, 2012


On November 21 Ann held her third hand quilting class at one of the temporary housing units in Tagajo City. Of the twelve ladies who came, many had completed their scissors cases begun during the previous class on Oct 17. Ann was amazed at the creative patterns they had designed on their cases. 

She says:

  • During this class we made little pin cushions from PET bottle caps, added elastic to the bottom and made them into pin cushion rings.
  • There was a good deal of laughter and chatting as they worked on their projects: such a lovely group of ladies!
  • Again, it was so fun to see how creative they were.
  • My next class is December 19 and we plan to make a Christmas ornament.

Ann also held a quilting session with two tsunami displaced ladies in a small temporary apartment of one of the ladies. For this session Ann used our sewing machines. She hopes to give sewing machines to a few ladies who had theirs swept away in the tsunami.

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