Quilting Class Ministry?


December 7, 2011

Temporary housing units dot the coastline of northeastern Japan where thousands of homes were destroyed by the March 11 tsunami. Our ministry in Sendai for the next year includes gathering together people living in temporary housing, giving them an opportunity to share their personal tsunami stories and offering them hope in Jesus.

Ann Bernina

Among the various ministry activities we are planning for 2012, Ann will be offering sewing and quilting classes. A number of women in temporary housing in the Sendai area have requested quilting classes and several missionary women are already teaching quilting. So we used the EFCCM Japan Disaster Recovery Fund to purchase and ship four portable, sturdy sewing machines (with handy rolling carrying cases) for Ann to use in teaching quilting, sewing and crafts. We will eventually give away the machines to a few of the quilting students.

Ann is looking forward to combining two of her favorite activities: women's ministries and sewing!

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