Quilting Ministry (Ann)

Tagajo Quilting Class Photo Book

May 10, 2013

Photo books for temporary housing center in Tagajo (near Sendai)


On April 30 we delivered two photo books to a temporary housing center in Tagajo City. The photo books depict the tsunami displaced ladies enjoying themselves in various of Ann's quilting classes.

We donated one photo book to the staff of the housing center and the other to their small library for all the ladies to enjoy.

Ann taught these classes with the help of Bella Mori from the Sendai Izumi Evangelical Free Church.

Wakabayashi Quilting Class

January 25, 2013

Quilting class for two tsunami displaced ladies in Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai

Ann and Bella Mori (church planting at Sendai Izumi EFC) have enjoyed a monthly quilting class with Mrs. M and Mrs. S. Both of these ladies lost their homes, friends  and relatives in the tsunami that hit the Wakabayashi-ku section of Sendai City. Ann used two Bernina sewing machines, purchased with EFCC tsunami recovery ministry funds, to do machine quilting with these ladies. Mrs. M had done hand quilting before, but enjoyed machine quilting because of how quickly she could finish a project.


At the last class on January 23, 2013, Ann gave them a book on machine quilting and then presented each one with a machine. Giving away sewing machines to tsunami victims is a bit complicated because we only have four machines. However, it was natural to give machines to these two ladies who had been using them each time Ann met with them for quilting lessons. They were both delighted and surprised to receive these machines as a gift from the EFC of Canada Mission! We expect that both ladies will use the machines to learn and sew.

Bella Mori will continue to meet with these ladies now that Ann has moved back to Tokyo. Bella hopes to build on this relationship, always looking for opportunities to share the love and hope of Jesus.

Tagajo Quilting Class (3)

January 21, 2013

Quilting class at temporary housing unit in Tagajo City


Beginning in August 2012, Ann (with Bella Mori, church planting at Sendai Izumi EFC) taught 12-16 ladies a monthly hand quilting class in the meeting room at the Tagajo City temporary housing unit. She supplied them with tools and fabric at each session. The two hour class time limit restricted them to simple projects, but often once the ladies began the project and understood the directions, they were able to finish on their own time. Over the months, Ann taught them how to make a small potholder, a scissors case, a pin cushion, a Christmas decoration and a glasses case.

At the final class on January 9, 2013, Ann gave each of the ladies her favorite hand quilting book, with the hopes that they would continue on their own. Even though Ann moved back to Tokyo at the end of January, the monthly class has become so popular that they have asked someone else to come and continue teaching quilting. They also welcomed Ann to drop in and visit the class when she is in Sendai.

Tagajo Quilting Class (2)

November 24, 2012


On November 21 Ann held her third hand quilting class at one of the temporary housing units in Tagajo City. Of the twelve ladies who came, many had completed their scissors cases begun during the previous class on Oct 17. Ann was amazed at the creative patterns they had designed on their cases. 

She says:

  • During this class we made little pin cushions from PET bottle caps, added elastic to the bottom and made them into pin cushion rings.
  • There was a good deal of laughter and chatting as they worked on their projects: such a lovely group of ladies!
  • Again, it was so fun to see how creative they were.
  • My next class is December 19 and we plan to make a Christmas ornament.

Ann also held a quilting session with two tsunami displaced ladies in a small temporary apartment of one of the ladies. For this session Ann used our sewing machines. She hopes to give sewing machines to a few ladies who had theirs swept away in the tsunami.

Tagajo Quilting Class (1)

September 13, 2012


On August 25, with the help of Bella Mori (Sendai Izumi EFC) and short term missionary Meli from Hong Kong, Ann conducted a hand quilting class at the Tagajo city temporary housing unit, just east of Sendai. It was advertised as a “Quilting Class for Beautiful Ladies.” Thirteen women (and one elderly gentleman!) enjoyed hand quilting. Most were able to finish the project in the two hour time period and Ann gave each lady a second set of fabric (plus necessary scissors, thread, needles, etc.) to complete another hand quilting project in their spare time.

They were happy to be sewing and would like us to come again.  So we were invited back for another session in Oct.

We will be giving the temporary housing center a photo album of the Aug 25 quilting session.

Sewing Machines for Quilting

January 26, 2012


On Jan 25 we picked up sewing machines at Tokyo port in a rental truck, taking them from warehouse to customs and then on "home." Ann will use these machines to teach quilting and sewing classes at some temporary housing centers built for tsunami displaced people in the Tohoku (northeastern Japan).

Before we complete our year of tsunami ministry we hope to donate the four machines to a few community centers in the devastated coastal areas of the Tohoku.

Quilting Class Ministry?

December 7, 2011

Temporary housing units dot the coastline of northeastern Japan where thousands of homes were destroyed by the March 11 tsunami. Our ministry in Sendai for the next year includes gathering together people living in temporary housing, giving them an opportunity to share their personal tsunami stories and offering them hope in Jesus.

Ann Bernina

Among the various ministry activities we are planning for 2012, Ann will be offering sewing and quilting classes. A number of women in temporary housing in the Sendai area have requested quilting classes and several missionary women are already teaching quilting. So we used the EFCCM Japan Disaster Recovery Fund to purchase and ship four portable, sturdy sewing machines (with handy rolling carrying cases) for Ann to use in teaching quilting, sewing and crafts. We will eventually give away the machines to a few of the quilting students.

Ann is looking forward to combining two of her favorite activities: women's ministries and sewing!

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