Helping At Megumi Project


February 2016

2016 02 11-2Trailer

When Andy and Lorna Gilbert had to make a sudden one month visit to aging parents in the US, they left their missionary staff in Onagawa to supervise the kimono craft making ladies at the trailer and their new store at the Promenade. So they asked us if we could help out for a few days in their absence. We found room in our schedule and went north for the better part of one week to help.

2016 02 11-11

The missionary staff probably didn’t need us at all! But we enjoyed three days with them. Ann helped the ladies at the trailer by ripping out seams of donated kimono for various projects and naming a few products to sell on the Megumi Project website. Dale did some maintenance on a small motor home that has been used by Megumi Project over the past several years.

We learned how to sell Megumi Project items at their new store in the new Onagawa Promenade. The store also sells other crafts made by people in the town. It was fun working in the store for one day.

2016 02 13-2

And then we invited the Megumi Project missionary staff to our vacation house in Takayama (Shichigahama Town) for one day to get away from the busyness of ministry in Onagawa. It was a little sabbath for them. (dale little)