Christmas Shopping At Megumi!

December 2014

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2014 07 02-4

In November 2014 the Onagawa Megumi Project opened an online store. Their unique products can be purchased online from Canada or the USA, and make great Christmas presents—especially for ladies. All proceeds go toward helping rebuild the lives of some tsunami survivors in Onagawa.

2014 07 02-3

The Onagawa Megumi Project is an income generating social enterprise that transforms vintage kimonos into beautiful products. The Megumi Project shares the love of Jesus Christ in a tangible way in the town of Onagawa, Miyagi-ken that was devastated by tsunami generated by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11, 2011.

The Project is a ReachGlobal and EFC of Germany initiative that the EFC of Canada Mission (EFCCM) is partnering with. The Project received over $30,000 from the EFCCM disaster fund for the construction of their working trailer where they make all their crafts.

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The EFCCM church planting ministry at Tokyo Multicultural Church (TMC), led by Dale and Ann Little, is connected with the Onagawa Megumi Project. TMC is a financial supporter of the Project. In addition, throughout 2014 TMC ladies have prepared kimono fabric for the Project by ripping out the seams of many donated kimonos so the ladies in Onagawa do not have to do that time consuming work.

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Several times in 2014 Dale and Ann delivered the prepared kimono fabric to Onagawa, and offered encouragement to the missionaries and workers there. They will continue to do this from Tokyo in the years to come.

Why not buy some of Onagawa Megumi Project's unique creations for Christmas gifts at their online shop? (dale little)