EFCCM Leaders Visit Onagawa

April 2014

EFCCM Leaders Visit Onagawa Megumi Project, April 2014

2014 04 01-7

On April 1 we dropped by the Onagawa Megumi Project with EFCCM Director Dave Penner and his wife, and with EFCCM Asia Director Mel Sayer.

We met with Andy & Lorna and Chami, who explained the vision and purpose of their Onagawa Megumi Project.

The Onagawa Megumi Project trailer was in place but no porch yet on the front. While we were there the electrician was able to turn on the power!

What a great way to combine gospel proclamation with compassionately rebuilding the social fabric of a tsunami devastated community!

2014 04 01-8

Inside the trailer (pic above)

2014 04 01-9

Viewing a video of the vision of Onagawa Megumi Project (pic above)

2014 04 01-2

Lobby of Onagawa Hospital. The tsunami reached the red line on the pillar behind Mel. The hospital is already 20 meters (63 feet) above sea level - see next pic. (pic above)

2014 04 01-4

Onagawa Hospital is up on the hill behind tipped over 3 floor building in the foreground. (pic above)

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