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December 2013

Onagawa Handicraft Project Trailer House

2013 11 OnaTrailer1

The trailer house to be used for the Onagawa cooperative handicraft project has been under construction since early November. The local contractor hopes to complete it by the end of December, but he is making no promises.

Hey, it takes a long time to get things like this done in the tsunami devastated areas of Japan!

2013 11 OnaTrailer2

The Onagawa project and the missionaries leading it are helping to rebuild the social fabric of tsunami devastated Onagawa Town—all in the name of Jesus Christ. Tsunami displaced women will be given the opportunity for employment at the trailer house.

Over $30,000 of the EFC of Canada Mission tsunami recovery fund is being used for this trailer house construction project and the handicraft making enterprise that will be housed there. We count it a privilege to partner in this Christ-centered tsunami recovery project.

2013 11 OnaJewelBags

The hand made items might include jewelry made from pieces of pottery broken and scattered by the tsunami. Other items such as jewelry bags (pictured at the left) and clothing will be made from kimono material.

You too will be able to partner in this project by buying these items online directly from the Onagawa project website. (dale little)