Christmas Gifts for Babanakayama Children

December 25, 2012

Christmas gifts for the children of Babanakayama in Minamisanriku

Our seaweed cultivating sandbag project in the Babanakayama region of Minamisanriku was the first of what we hope will develop into other projects in this tsunami devastated part of Minamisanriku town. For example, we have an interest inĀ 

working with the children of the town. Children are often overlooked in the ongoing tsunami recovery because getting companies re-established is the priority. The children of temporary housing units often have no place to play except on the streets in the area.


Mr. Chiba, who leads the crisis help center in Babanakayama, gave us permission to deliver gifts for the 25 children who are 12 years old or younger. In August we met Miss Kanai who had a similar interest in helping children. Her dream is to build a coffee/tea cafe in Babanakayama, with a children's playground next door. Since then the two have legally married and are together developing her dream. (We've been invited to their wedding reception in the spring.) We hope we can join them in their children's project.


As a first step toward bringing hope to the children of Babanakayama, we delivered children's Christmas gifts to the crisis help center on Dec 22. Parents and/or their children came by the center in the days that followed in order to pick up their presents. Each child received a bag of presents labelled with their name, including an age appropriate story book about the true meaning of Christmas.

May God use these gifts to open the door to his greatest gift--Jesus Christ himself! Our long range dream is to see a church in Babanakayama that loves the people of the town and proclaims the gospel. (dale little)