606 Sandbags Delivered!

October 16, 2012

606 seaweed sandbags delivered


On Oct 12 we delivered 606 wakame seaweed growing sandbag weights, sewn by Ann and volunteers, to the Babanakayama district of Minamisanriku. The sandbags hold the seaweed growing ropes under the surface of the ocean. Seaweed seeds are placed into the submerged ropes and the seaweed grows out from those ropes.


The seaweed fisherman who accepted the sandbags, Mr. Saichi, was delighted to get them. The 15 families of Babanakayama who grow seaweed will receive 40 sandbags each. Each family could actually use about 300. Last year they were not able to harvest any seaweed because they did not have these sandbags. (The growing season is from Oct through May.) Their suppliers of sandbags were not able to make any. This year they have about 50% of what they need. Perhaps by next year the suppliers of sandbags will be back in business.

We had hoped to get a green light to go ahead with a community project such as building a playground or a small community center. But the families of Babanakayama (100 families before the tsunami; now 80) are all too focussed on their own survival and trying to rebuild their own houses to think about community projects. So perhaps our next step in the Babanakayama district of Minamisanriku is to distribute some literature and just stay in touch with the leaders until they initiate a project. So we continue to seek a good project for the EFCCM to effectively share the hope and love of Christ with tsunami devastated northeastern Japan.

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