Sewing Sandbags at MCC Again

October 1, 2012

Sewing seaweed sandbags at MCC in Tokyo (again)

MCC Sandbags16 Sep

We returned to Musashino Chapel Center (Tokyo) from Sep 18-22 to sew more seaweed cultivating sandbag weights for the fishermen of Minamisanriku town. We need to sew at least 450 more sandbags by the time we deliver them to the fishermen in mid-Oct. At MCC in Sep we were able to sew another 438! That has to be a new record for one week of sewing.

MCC Sandbags11 Sep

Ann once again led the sandbag sewing project, teaching everyone how to use the five sewing machines, helping out with sewing and machine problems, etc. The week of 9AM - 5PM days went so smoothly largely because of the coordinating skills of Yoko and Claire. They were great to work with! MCC members from both the English and Japanese departments enthusiastically participated.

On Sun, Sep 23, we updated the MCC English Department worship service on our tsunami recovery ministry as well as our future church planting project, Tokyo Multicultural Church (TMC). MCC is the primary partner church for our TMC project, so it is good to connect with MCC for our tsunami ministry as well as for our future church planting ministry in Tokyo. (dale little)